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Motor Coach Industries (MCI)

This listing is for one (1) of two rebuilt motor-condensers that we have for sale. 

The Motor Coach Industries part # is 16-09-6001. This is a 27V Series Wound DC motor, 2 speeds of 1750 rpm or 1300 rpm.

Measurements on this are approximately - we did not use calipers so these are not exact- 7" diameter x 11" long with a 3/ 4" shaft @ 3.5" long. This units weighs in at a whopping 55 pounds.

This is a GE (General Electric) DC motor with a GE part # of  5BC 419 JB 2040

Note this motor has a couple of bent terminal studs (see photos). This was part of some unclaimed damaged freight salvage that we received. Also note that this motor is rebuilt, the freight damage occurred between the rebuild company and MCI Service Parts, were returned by MCI and never picked up by the rebuild company (who is now out of business).

We called the Dallas MCI Service Center Parts Dept and inquired about this part # 16-09-6001. MCI now only sells new motor-condensers, this part sells for $1,379.05 new as quoted over the phone on 9/20/06.

Our Price is $599 OBO plus shipping.

We are accepting Best Offers on this item.  Please feel free to contact me with questions about this item and I'll be happy to answer them.

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